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Since 2008, Era Corporate Catering has collaborated with the largest companies in the country such as: Antea Cement, KCA Deutag & SHELL, Vodafone Albania, Hygeia Hospital, American Embassy, Salus Hospital, TIS (Tirana International School), Telekom Albania, ALBtelekom, BKT, Raiffeisen Bank, etc., to offer healthy and delicious meals at the same time. In a sip, 600 m2 where 2/3 of it is a processing space, with modern technology and qualified staff, local and foreign, this service very quicky became the leader in the market.

More than ever before, companies are beginning to understand how important good food is in developing one’s talent and generating creative and motivating work environments. Providing nutritious meals to employees shows that the company is compassionate about them and that their daily efforts and contributions are valued:

-Makes employees feel valued and contribute more to the company they work for.

-Promotes productivity, now they do not have to think and rush on what to eat or where to order their next meal, the focus is not lost from their main objectives that they want to achieve during a fruitful working day.

-Sharing a meal creates a pleasant atmosphere where employees bond with each other.

-It is one of the most effective ways to improve everything, from job satisfaction to employee productivity. We are enthusiastic to find that the same culture has started to be applied by the most prestigious companies in Albania.

-In continuation, we would like to bring to your attention some arguments to why Era is the best choice for this type of cooperation:

-Era is a sought-after name in the market.

-Era is a serious and reliable partner.

-Era comes with 23 years of experience and substantial investments in the field of catering services.

-Era offers a service focused on the client’s needs, with the highest infrastructure and standards. If you want to cooperate with us… we are just a phone call away.

Business Lunch Daily Package

What will i have for lunch? This is the phrase we often repeat to ourselves or our colleagues. On lucky days, we can eat last nights ‘leftovers’, and on others this simple question can be a challenge and a waste of time until we figure out what we want to eat and where to order. Some people do not like to cook, while others hate spending their free time trying to figure out where to eat.

That is why ERA has thought of all those who are looking for a well-packaged, delicious, home-cooked lunch that can be enjoyed in the comfort of the office. Everyone needs a varied lunch after a busy day with meetings and/or different projects. That is why our ‘Business Lunch’ packages are made to satisfy everyone’s wishes! What you have to do is visit our website, order your favorite bundle a day before (until 14:00) and we will come to you with the speed of wind, at the specified place and time.

All that is left for you to do is pick up your meal and enjoy. And if you and your colleagues are interested in a monthly subscription, call us and take advantage of our promotional prices.

Customer Review

“Që kur kemi filluar abonimin me paketat business lunch para 3-vjetësh e deri më tani, në zyrë nuk bëhet më pyetja – Çfarë do hamë sot? :p”

Elton J

“E rekomandoj që të porosisni tek ERA sepse jo vetëm që janë cilësorë në ushqim edhe shërbim por të ofrojnë edhe standard dhe siguri për atë që konsumon.”

Leda K.

“Paketat e BL janë aq të mira dhe aq të shijshme sa që porosis edhe në fundjavë kur jam në shtëpi, jo vetëm në zyrë.”

Enis B.

“Business Lunch-i më i mirë në qytet! Super ushqim, super cilësi dhe super shërbim.”

Laura H.

“Business Lunch-i më i mirë në qytet! Super ushqim, super cilësi dhe super shërbim.”

Laura H.

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